We made a competitive analysis by checking services for marketers, online canvas-based services such as photo or web editors (wix.com, mailchimp.com, pixlr, befunky etc.) and checked their advantages and disadvantages. Conducted an analysis and brought the concept of how the interface can be decluttered and become more functional

The challenge was that the service at that time already had a user base. We were afraid to scare it off with abrupt global changes, so we first integrated the new design style into the existing interface, not changing the layout drastically and looked at how the customer’s customers would react to it. Iterativelly, we made edits and improved the screens.

What the clients say?

A fair number of teams can come up with beautiful layouts. Where Alexander's team stands out, is that they go far beyond design per se (awesome as it is) and deliver a product that serves business purposes brilliantly. As specialists in communication, they were instrumental in crystalising our company's mission, values and USP, which were never articulated so clearly before.

That 100% helped in company's communications with both investors and clients. On a practical side, I'm also forever grateful for their genuine interest in the development of our projects.

Helena Binetskaya
Healthy Networks

Communication and such a quick response - super! Not only you developed things we brought, you are able to go deeper in the project - added so many ideas to make the system better. You’ were thinking with us, even for us - like a total team member.

Markus Arenz
WerbeVelo GMBH

If you ask me whether it is worth working with Alexander’s team, I will answer “definitely yes!” Especially if you have a difficult task of transforming the interface into simple and understandable actions for your clients.

Sergey Snezar

The very good - you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is.
And the designs that came back were of a very high quality, decluttered and improved.

Ian Naylor

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