Headless membership platform

OctoFix is an advanced membership platform which combines businesses’ most needed tools for membership in one place. It allows managers to access and monitor data and customer interactions all in a single location by connecting to a CRM that they already use.

As it's a new service

we needed to create a website that would be easy to maintain and modify, but still create a memorable design concept so that it would stick

Marketing research

Taking into consideration our market research and ideas from the client’s marketing team, we created a design concept where the octopus represents the ability of the system to combine multiple tools in one, including billing, marketing, automation and customization tools, and funneling all that data into your own CRM. The octopus is also the main character of the landing page, which supports the design concept.


The website itself was built on the Webflow no-code development platform so that changes and iterations would be easy to implement.

In a month, we conducted research, created a mockup, and put the landing page on Webflow so it would be a visual representation of the concept, ready for testing and further implementation.